Women’s Basketball: Sierra College Beats Feather River 87-65

Sierra College Women's basketball

photo by: LaMarr Fields

On Tuesday night, the Sierra College Women’s Basketball Team took on the Feather River Golden Eagles. The Wolverines beat the Golden Eagles 87-65, behind 18 points from both Devon Lewis and Jesse Miller. Lewis shot 7-of-10 from the floor, while Miller shot 7-of-14.

The Wolverines led 20-17 after the first quarter, It was tied at 17, but Lewis hit a three-point shot at the buzzer to give Sierra the three-point lead going into the 2nd quarter. The Wolverines had another strong second quarter and led at halftime 44-35. In the second half, Sierra outscored 43-30 and played some tight defense.

Ball Movement

The Wolverines did an outstanding job moving the ball on offense. They had 22 assists as a team to only eight turnovers. I talked to coach Brandie Murrish before the game, and she said Sierra is a team that moves the ball and plays defense. Jenna Duley led the team with six assists. You usually get high percentage shots when you move the ball as the Wolverines do. Christina Oliva added 13 points.


The Wolverines did a great job on the broads. Sierra had 42 total rebounds, including 22 offensive rebounds; Kiki Griffen led the way with 12 total rebounds and eight offensive rebounds. Griffen was very active on both ends of the floor; she played with tremulous energy. Miller added six rebounds Brianna Lambey added five.

Bench Points

 The bench played well a contributed with 21 points. Lambey led the way with seven points. Mia Fleming-Mullins had five, Rachel Loya and Kim Quicksail scored four. Emily Climenhage added one point. There was great energy bought off the bench on Tuesday night.


Sierra played outstanding defense; they did not give up more than 18 points in each quarter, they moved their feet well. The Wolverines finished the game with 14 steals and six block shots. It was a well-played game for the Sierra Wolverines.

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