Takeaways From Rod Marinelli Press Conference

photo by: Michael Clemens

The Las Vegas Raiders fired defensive coordinator Paul Guenther Sunday after a 44-27 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Defensive line coach Rod Marinelli will take over as the interim DC for the next three games. There is not much Marinelli can do over the next three weeks to change the scheme, but he could hit on the fundamentals and focus on discipline on defense. On Tuesday afternoon, Marinelli had his first press conference.

Rod Marinelli talked a lot about playing with discipline and doing the things that do not take any talent, which means something like not jumping offsides, playing with energy, doing your job, and running to the football. Coach Marinelli mentioned this a few times in the press conference.

“We feel we got a good handle on who’s up, and I think at that point you show belief in men,” said Marinelli in his first press conference as interim defensive coordinator. “And we’re going to get it done. I don’t care who’s up, who’s not. But the non-talented things, the things that take no talent: effort, hustle, knowing exactly what to do, being discipline, staying onsides. That takes no talent. That just takes guys that want to. I’m going to build off of want-to this week.”

The Raiders have struggled pretty much all year on defense, but they have been giving up many rushing yards over the last couple of weeks. A change was needed to try to bring a new voice to the defense.

“It’s having an attitude and the will to do that,” Marinelli said. “When you play together, and you play fast, and you know what you’re dong, I think you’ve got a chance to create great energy and hopefully create takeaways down the field.”

The Raiders have three games left; hopefully, Marinelli can get the defense to play a little better. The Raiders will play the Thursday night against the Los Angeles Chargers on a short week. It won’t be to the Miami Dolphins game where we could see more of a stamp on the defense by Marinelli.

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