Oakland Group Proposes To Be First Black Owned NFL Team


photo credit: sf.curbed.com

With the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas in the 2020 season. A group of Bay Area entrepreneurs and business people want to bring football back to Oakland. The African American Sports and Entertainment Committee sent the NFL a letter of intent to ask to discuss a proposal to bring football back to Oakland.

The letter of intent also states that the group would construct a privately financed stadium complex on the Oakland Coliseum site. The group would also like to build an entertainment complex around the coliseum site as well.

Committee member Ray Bobbitt had this to say about the Proposal. ” It would just be such a historic opportunity. The NFL wants to support the African-American community and an opportunity for economic equity. This is an opportunity for an entire community to establish an economic vehicle for itself and be self-sustaining.”

Bobbit also added, ” We want to add a Bay Area sports and entertainment museum, utilize funds to help increase education in East Oakland.”

It will be a long road to go, but the process has started. It sounds like a good plan. The proposal would bring jobs and football back Oakland. Also, it would bring money to the city and it would do a lot for the community to have football and entertainment museum there. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out; it will take some time.

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