The Magdaleno, Vincente Main Event Ends In A Strange Way

Magdaleno VIncente

photo credit: Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Thursday night’s main event from MGM Grand in Las Vegas pinned featherweights, Jessie Magdaleno against Yenifel Vincente. 

The four-card night opened with featherweights, Adam Lopez and Louie Coria. Lopez and Coria put on an incredible fight, both landing shots back and forth. And although Coria almost completely shut both of Lopez’s eyes, Lopez still came out on top thanks to a majority decision. 

With the excitement from the Lopez fight, the night was off to an electric start, and the main event was anything but slow. In the first round of the main event, Magdaleno knocked Vincente down. The fight started to take an interesting turn in round four when Vincente nailed Magdaleno with a low blow. 

Before Magdaleno hit the canvas, and when referee Robert Bird got in between the two, Vincente was still throwing punches. This prompted Bird to take two points away from Vincente. A few seconds later, Vincente hit Magdaleno low again, losing another point. 

In the fifth round, Magdaleno got his revenge and knocked Vincente down for a second time in the match. From the fifth round on, Magdaleno was taunting the older Vincente.

The fight made it to the tenth and final round, and the drama from the earlier rounds came back.

Vincente hit Magdaleno with a low blow again, causing Robert Bird to not only to take away a fourth point, but ultimately disqualifying him. With this unconventional win, Magdaleno now has the chance to face the top names in his division like Gary Russell Jr., and Leo Santa Cruz. 

At 28 years old, Magdaleno has bright future in the featherweight division. He has the fire and the attitude to keep him in the boxing game for years to come. 

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