Will Lauren Cox change the Fever?

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With being selected by the Indiana Fever, Lauren Cox is looking to continue to develop and be amongst one of the great Centers in the WNBA. With her contributions to the Baylor Lady Bears for four years. Cox will hopefully do the same with the Indiana Fever come soon.

The Fever, to some people, had many expectations to make a vast improvement to make the playoffs. But throughout the year, the chemistry on the court just wasn’t there for the team. The Fever went 13-21 on the season and missed the playoffs for the third consecutive year.

There were times where players couldn’t get into a flow, and opponents would run over them. They had a 102 Defensive rating, which was the third-worst in the league. It just never clicked for the team all season and the big reason why Pokey Chatman departed. Now with Cox as the new rookie on the roster, she can hopefully make her mark on this struggling Fever franchise.

Cox was the player who brought toughness to Baylor in her four years. She spreads the floor on the offensive end and was arguably one of the best shot blockers in the NCAA. She wasn’t necessarily the first option for the Lady Bears. But anyone on that team will tell you that Cox’s presence on the team was huge and the reason behind their National Championships. Cox has had a winning mentality from the jump and seeks to dominate anyone who’s in front of her.

The team is filled with a lot of talent. But the one thing they need is a player on the frontcourt who can put the ball in the basket and rebound. Cox, with her efficient shooting, can change fill that void in the roster for Indiana. Her ability to hit shots from the perimeter and have her back to the basket could potentially put her as one of the top scorers on this Fever roster.

The Fever will seek redemption once the season starts with its great frontcourt. The team brings back players in Teaira McCowan, and Natalie Achonwa to play alongside Cox. With a new coach in Marianne Stanley coming in, the former WNBA coach of the year will change the environment in the franchise and bring the team back to winning.

The way free agency went a couple of months back, the WNBA has only gotten tougher. Teams are going to have to give each game their everything just to crack a playoff spot in the end. Listening to Lauren Cox after she got drafted, she sounds optimistic that she can come into Indiana and produce. It will be a learning experience. But after a few games under Cox’s belt with her new teammates, she’ll find her rhythm.

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