LeBron Shows The Killer Instinct… At Times

Everyone knows that when it is all said and done, the impact of LeBron James will always be remembered for many years to come. His play on the court has influenced a generation of people to be as physical and dominant as he has always been through the course of his career.

When being compared to other all time greats in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, the killer instinct that those two players had is always in question when it comes to LeBron. With the greatness of King James over the past 17 seasons, that killer will that his idols embraced has seemed to be an off and on thing for the legend.

When people look at MJ and Kobe, they spot a guy who takes over the game and doesn’t allow anyone to get in front of them when they’re trying to win. Because of their dominance in key moments, many insiders lack to see that type of focus out of LeBron. Some arguments can be accurate as there have been many times where people ask what LeBron was thinking for not turning his game up at certain times. But there are many games as well where he has embraced that killer will and took over to carry his team to a win.

LeBron’s size and athleticism forces him to always have an advantage over his defenders. One game where he showed his killer instincts was in the 2007 Conference Finals against the Detroit Pistons. With the series tied at 2-2, the Eastern Conference was up for grabs and King James took advantage of the situation in a hostile Palace of Auburn Hills. LeBron scored 48 points that game and just dominated the 2nd half while scoring 25 consecutive points to lead his team to win Game 5 in OT and take the series in six as well.

Another killer game for LeBron was displayed in 2012 in the Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics. Miami loses Game 5 and has their backs against the wall headed into Game 6 searching for answers. LeBron couldn’t allow his team to fall short of a championship again so he took over from tip off to the end. LeBron scored 45 points and was efficient all over the floor. The Boston defense had no answer for them and he would eventually redeem himself to win the series in 7.

The world loves to recognize LeBron’s failures more than his golden moments. We know that he had the meltdown in the 2011 Finals or the moments where he passed up a final shot to find an open teammate, but in reality LeBron has his shown he can have a killer instinct to be great whenever he sets his mind to it. We just hope to see more of it from The King in the final years of his career.

It’s not a fluke that LeBron is looked at as the GOAT (to some people). He is as gifted as they come when it comes to the game of basketball and his impact for the game will always be remembered when it’s all said and done. He may not rip peoples hearts out on a consistent basis when on the floor. But when adversity hits, you can look for The King to dismantle his opponents for everything that’s on the line.


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