Top 5 D. Rose Games Post-Knee Injury

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The narrative of Derrick Rose not being a great player after his gruesome ACL injury in 2012 is untrue. Even though Rose doesn’t display the same athleticism that he did in his younger years, the former MVP has still been able to produce at a high level over the years.

Throughout the years, D Rose continues to play solid basketball despite not being an MVP caliber player. From his time in Chicago to now in Detroit, Rose has had his moments where he has us reminisce on his before injured prone career. Let’s look at a few games where Rose was an X-Factor in his team’s success.


5. December 9, 2019: 21 Points + Game Winner vs. New Orleans: Rose came into the game looking to be aggressive and produce well for his Pistons’ teammates. Rose was out attacking the Pelicans’ big men under the basket, along with finding open teammates on the perimeter. His momentum would carry on to the final moments of the 4th quarter, where he hit a game-winning turnaround jumper to prevail his team to a 105-103 victory on the road. When his number was called, Rose rose to the occasion and made a big-time play to deliver his team the win.



4. January 18, 2017: 30 points vs. Celtics: Rose’s tenure with New York was nothing sweet. The team was struggling and trying to find an identity all season long but couldn’t find answers. Going into this game, the Knicks needed to find a way to come together, and their chemistry would be tested against a tough Isaiah Thomas led Celtics. Rose went into the game with an aggressive mindset looking to set the tone offensively. His jump shot was clicking all night, and he had no problem getting to the rim, making acrobatic finishes all night. Rose would keep things going with a strong 4th quarter to lead his team to a 117-106 win over Boston. When things seemed to have went left in the season for New York, Rose went into the game with a strong mindset looking to make things right.



3. January 20, 2019: 31 points + game-winner vs. Suns: The Derrick Rose redemption season was continuing on before this night’s game. Rose was feeling good about himself and was playing at the highest level for Minnesota. Despite a slow start to this game, Rose would go on to have a strong 2nd half looking to be aggressive going to the basket. His scoring production was what helped spark a comeback for the Timberwolves. And at the end of the game, the ball was once again in his hands as Rose would hit a fall-away jumper over Mikal Bridges to secure a 116-114 win over Phoenix.



2. 2015 ECSF: 30 points + game-winner vs. Cavaliers: Although this wasn’t the same Chicago Bulls that had the best record in the NBA in 2011 and 2012, this team was still a tough defensive anchored team that was looking to dethrone LeBron James in his first season back in Cleveland. The Bulls were able to get a road victory in Game 1, so the series would head back to the United Center tied at 1-1. Rose was setting the tone in a tough outed matchup against the Cavs on both ends of the floor. His spacing was good on the offensive end, and he was creating opportunities for others as well. And at the end of the game, the ball was right in his hands as he made the infamous bank three-point shot to seal the game at 99-96 to give the Bulls a 2-1 lead heading into Game 4.



1. October 31, 2019: 50 points vs. Jazz: It was a night to remember for Derrick Rose. After everything that the man had been through in his career, it turned into an excellent show that he put on, and it will be one the world never forgets. Rose had everything clicking for him from start to finish off this game. He was living in the paint attacking the stretched arms or Rudy Gobert and others, along with feeling good beyond the three-point line. Throughout the game, Rose was feeling good health-wise and wasn’t missing a beat whatsoever. By the end of regulation, Rose would score a career-high 50 points in a 128-125 victory. With this top-notch performance, he had every right to be emotional due to everything that he had to get to where he was on this night.


The narrative throughout the past couple of years was that Derrick Rose was done and had nothing left in the tank. But with these performances that he gave us, he has proved that narrative is untrue. He may not have the same explosiveness and ability as he once did, but Rose continues to have heart as he competes for every game looking to put on a show for the world. Going forward, we will see more from Derrick Rose as he will only look to produce more for his team going forward.


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